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January/February 2024
Cover: Memories of a Season Passed by Sloane Kinney, 13

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Elephants Never Forget

Gram can’t seem to fit in with the other students at school Gram was an elephant, and he was trying to enjoy himself. He crouched…

By Maddie Rubenstein, Art by Lilian Newton, 14

The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

A retired police officer stumbles onto a mystery at the Louvre “Welcome to France, Mr. Black,” said the customs officer in monotone. I hate flying…

By Ashwin Cohen, Art by Crystal Fu, 8

The Rise of Athena

Athena makes the other gods jealous with her ingenious new invention Athena was bored of the other gods. All they cared about was gossip and…

By Willem Ehret, Art by Arial Makri Levy, 12


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One Person Short of a Family

Siblings receive devastating news after their father misses afterschool pickup The cafeteria was empty and silent. Only two people were there, shivering, naive, and alone.…

By Aisana Zhumabayeva, Art by Lillian Beahan, 11

When I Accidentally Drew an Arc around My Butterfly

The narrator turns a mistake into something beautiful I had just finished sketching a butterfly at my school desk. I grinned and raised my arms…

By Norah Lu, Art by Arwen Gamez, 7

One Winter Day

A student takes a break from a long, cold day with a hot cup of noodles. “Get ready to leave!” the teacher announces from the…

By Evan Seungho Jee, Art by Madeline Male, 12
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January 14th in Asheville. Year 2023.

No one is awake, and the silence is so absolute that you can hear the universe rearrange itself outside my window. It is blue-gray and…

By Arabella Aab, 13


The moon glances over at you as if to tell a secret, It whispers of the world coming alive, The stars shining, The quiet symphony,…

By Lydia Grush, 10

Morning Love

Out my window Whispering winds wander And dance upon the morning’s might Sunshine streams rivers of light through my bedroom window Out my window I…

By Mara Occhuizzo, 8


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The Sorrowful Horse

Pigment liner

By Tutu Lin, 13



By Lilian Newton, 11


Oil pastel

By Crystal Fu, 12

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