Classroom Activities

Photo Credit: Sage Millen, 14

What we offer you here is a mix of activities and teaching tools.

  • Writing Prompts. We have a growing library of over 200 writing and art prompts, posted weekly. Use one to spark creativity in your classroom or writing club. This is also a wonderful activity for a student who has finished their work early.
  • Writing Workshops. Gain inspiration for your classroom by reading summaries of our Saturday writing workshops; each one includes a brief overview of the lesson/discussion as well as a writing prompt.
  • Stone Soup Book Reviews. Read a few of our published book reviews as a class then challenge your students to write their own—and submit it for possible publication!
  • Interviews with Stone Soup Authors. We hope these videos of young authors speaking about their work will inspire your students and also give them some practical advice for getting started as young writers. It would be wonderful to pair these interviews with a classroom discussion of the author’s work.