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“I love Stone Soup because it is a magazine that says to kids that it is cool to be smart, creative, and artistic.”
— Julian Tutuncu-Macias, age 9, New York

Founded in 1973, Stone Soup—once called “The New Yorker of the 8 to 13 set” (Ms Magazine)—is the nonprofit literary magazine 100% written and illustrated by kids. We publish a bimonthly print magazine of poetry, fiction, essays, and artwork as well as a blog that includes book reviews, a poetry podcast, travelogues, and responses to current events—all by kids under 14. We also run an annual book contest, and have a growing catalog of novels and poetry collections by young writers. The extraordinary writing and art in Stone Soup is widely recognized for its excellence, and work from the magazine is routinely included in major school textbooks and assessment tests. In fall 2022, eight of our themed anthologies were published in China by Beijing Yutian Hangfen Books Company.

At Stone Soup, we believe, above all, in the power of reading and writing to change a life and to change the world. More than ever, kids need places where they can learn to slow down, look closely, and think deeply. Reading Stone Soup provides that opportunity. As a magazine and a publisher, Stone Soup also provides a platform to empower kids to be authors of their own stories, both real and imagined. We show them their voice truly matters.

“I really love your magazine and eagerly await each issue. It really inspires and encourages me to dig deeper and write more.”
— Isabel Hewgley, age 12, Arizona

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Reading and writing encourage children to think and feel deeply, helping young people develop critical thinking skills and empathy. On a practical level, they also help children build the lifelong communication skills they will need regardless of their career path. Finally, subscribing to and submitting to the magazine help children feel like they are part of a larger community of artists, writers, and thinkers.

Former Stone Soup contributors have gone on to become published best-selling novelists, published poets, professional musicians, journalists, professors, filmmakers, visual artists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Stone Soup is also a valuable teaching resource for homeschoolers and classroom teachers. Please visit our educator portal for ideas and resources for using Stone Soup for teaching.

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Stone Soup is published by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Children’s Art Foundation. As an educational charity, we rely on subscriptions and donations to fund our work. Your support helps us continue our mission of supporting the writers and artists of the future.